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Office Furniture

The Office Relocation, Decommission & Reconfiguration Specialists

“I wish there was a company that could help me move out of our office.”


Your answer is Capital Furniture Installation!

At Capital Furniture Installation, we specialize in moving office furniture for Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Government Buildings, Corporate offices, and more. Whether you are moving in or out of your office - we are here to help your business make the transition! Capital Furniture Installation is reliable, ready, and prepared with the necessary skills to execute a professional moving plan for your furniture.

Social Distance in Office

Leave it to the experts at Capital Furniture Installation-

We are dedicated to helping you with:

Office Relocation

If you’re preparing for office relocation, you’ll be aiming for minimal disruption during the move. Planning, preparation, and communication are essential. Capital Furniture Installation can help you:


  • Create an inventory of existing office furniture.

  • Consult with a furniture company for any new furniture you might need.

  • Place orders for new furniture if needed.

  • Arrange storage in our warehouse, if needed.

  • Recycle, discard, donate any furniture you will no longer be needing.

  • Liquidate outdated or worn-out furniture.


Contact us for a free office furniture decommission consultation today! 


Office Decommissions:

Need to get rid of office furniture?
Going out of business?
Decommissioning an office space?

Many companies are finding they don’t need the large office spaces they once prioritized. With many work teams moving to a virtual co-working model, office furniture may no longer be necessary. Turn this asset into cash! We can help you create an inventory of your current furniture and make decisions based on business needs and your budget. Capital Furniture Installation can assess whether there is any resale value with the cabinets, desks, chairs, tables, or other items you wish to decommission.

Decommissioning Services Include:

  • Disassembling or dismantling the furniture to be decommissioned

  • Completing an inventory of your excess office furnishings

  • Photographing of all product to be decommissioned

  • Furniture & equipment packing and loading for transportation

  • Warehousing and storing offsite for either the seller or buyer

  • Broom-cleaning of the decommissioned space

Contact us for a free office furniture decommission consultation today! 


Office Moves or Office Reconfiguration

If you move into a new office or if your company downsizes, Capital Furniture Installation is here to help with your excess office furniture. It’s essential that a skilled crew carefully disassembles and removes useable assets so they retain value and purpose – whether these items will be sold, recycled, donated, or repurposed. CFI can assist you to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive inventory of your office.

  • Create a chart that specifies how each item will be managed. Will they be: 

    • moved to the new office

    • sold

    • donated

    • recycled

    • repurposed


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